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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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can help people. many people enter the doors of an emergency room on the worst day of their life. "mental health is such a big reason why patients come to the emergency department. " with that big reason in mind, unity point finley designated two of it's new patient care rooms as the behavioral health area. you push the button. when needed, staff lowers a to a garage door, to keep patients from grabbing medical equipment they could use to hurt themselves or others. if necessary, staff also removes from the room, any large item that isn't secure. "they could definitely hurt somebody else. you could pick it up and ram the door and throw it at somebody. " and anything that can't be removed, is bolted to the walls or ceiling. "even the curtains are velcro break away, so it won't hold any weight. " directors say in order to
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the behavioral health area is separate from the general patient rooms. "you want to decrease that stimulation to them as much as possible. you don't want them interacting with the rest of the public, simply because you don't know what's going to set them off. " in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news. finley says it's discussing ways to work more closely with dubuque police on how to help people in custody who have mental health issues. st. luke's hospital and mercy medical center in cedar rapids also has similar rooms available in its e-r. tonight at 6, mark carlson looks into another issue "johnson county wants to prevent suicides, so they're bringing in a very influential speaker who has talked around 200 people down from jumping off the golden gate bridge, we'll have that story tonight on the tv9 news at six. " we turn now to meteorologist joe winters. joe, after a lot of rain overnight in many areas, this turned out to be a pretty nice
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police in western texas say a student took a gun to classmate. the shooter and the victim are girls. the shooter had recently moved to town and killed herself. the victim did survive.
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high school in brewster county. an officer was hurt in the incident when another officer accidentally shot him. today ford expanded its recall to include two and a half million vehicles. they include the ford focus, escape and mustang, among others. ford says a spring in the door latch can break, and the door could open while driving. as protests continue against the dakota access bakken oil pipeline, north dakota's governor has several guard members are now providing security at traffic checkpoints near the protests. fights have also broken out recently between protestors and security guards on private land. so another 100 guard members are on standby to respond to any incidents. dakota access is building the pipeline from north dakota to illinois, with it going through 18 counties here in iowa. a federal judge could rule tomorrow on a lawsuit by
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rock sioux indian tribe to stop the pipeline. the tribe and other protestors claim it could contaminate drinking water for millions of people. the iowa city based new pioneer co-op is helping the people protesting the bakken oil pipeline. the co-op has sent them cooking supplies and food. a spokesperson told t-v nine today the co- op feels helping the protesters is the right thing to do. "we are following environmental issues, we care about food, and we are part of it, and i just can't see how they're ever going to turn off this pipeline if there's a break and it goes through the most important farmland in the world... hello? " new pioneer is also using its facebook page to share updates from the protesters. a pilot is dead after his small plane crashed in south central iowa. authorities found the wreckage last night in a remote part of lucas county, south of des moines. air traffic control lost radar
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earlier in the day. authorities have not named the pilot and are trying to determine why the plane crashed. a new job, 40 thousand dollars in back pay, a raise, and more vacation and sick time. that's what the state awarded a former deputy warden at the anamosa state penitentiary. last march, the iowa department of corrections fired michael kane. it said he violated rules at the prison, but did not specify what happened. but kane appealed, and last month the state reinstated kane, giving him an administrative job in coralville. kane says he's pleased with the outcome. iowa city crime stoppers is offering up to one thousand dollars to help identify this man. police say he broke into a car saturday morning and stole more than 2 thousand dollars worth of property. it happened in a lot between the cantebury inn and casa azul on 1st avenue. he's 5 foot 6 to 8 inches tall and is between the ages of 17 to 21. call 358-
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a unique piece of iowa history sits on a rural road in jones county. this stone bridge is the only one of its kind in the state. and a study worth millions of dollars to potentially save it will cost taxpayers nothing.
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showers and storms make a next area of low pressure and associated frontal systems traverse the state friday. ample moisture is available and as a result rainfall develops, with locally heavy totals possible. lingering showers will be around for the friday night light kickoff on friday night, but just in time for college football on
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weekend is instore, with highs in the 70s and lowers in the 50s. have a super night! tonight: increasing clouds. wind: light e. low: 62 tomorrow: showers and thunderstorms likely. locally heavy rain possible. wind: s 5-10. high: 78 tom. night: lingering showers and a few thunderstorms. wind: nw 5- 10. low: 57 saturday: mostly sunny and very comfortable. sunny. high: 75 low: 51 monday: mostly sunny. high: 79 low: 59 tuesday: showers likely. cooler. high: 69 low: 62 wednesday: partly cloudy. high: 67 low: 50 thursday: partly cloudy. high: 71 low: 51 friday: chance of storms. high: 72 low: 51
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the city of dubuque is looking to the future. tonight dubuque's mayor offers
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address. and a push is underway right now in washington d-c to better memorialize the victims of the pentagon attack on september 11th. we look at that, and how iowans are among those remembered, next on t-v nine. pkg: annie on cam: introducing
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their development. but some are more adventurous than others when it comes to trying new foods. the good news is it may not take as much food as you think to fulfill their daily nutritional needs. vo: the american academy of
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surprisingly the aap says your toddler's energy requirements aren't very large since their rapid growth slows down after that first year, so their intake doesn't have to be huge. each day, a child between 1 and 3 years old needs about 40 calories for every inch of height. so, a toddler who measures 32 inches should be taking in an average of about 1,300 calories a day. and an average meal should look something like this --- 1 ounce of meat or 2-3 tablespoons of beans tablespoons of fruit one quarter slice of bread still the aap says this can all vary based on a child's activity level and build. annie: for momseveryday , i'm annie payne. this sunday marks 15 years since the united state's worst terror attack. the nation's capital is full of monuments and memorials, but there's one that pays tribute to americans
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t-v nine's ted fioraliso reports from our washington d-c bureau. he takes us to the pentagon memorial to show the iowans who died and to feature one man whose brother lost his life. if you're old enough to remember, you'll never forget what happened on september 11th, 2001. right outside our nation's capital, 184 people lost their lives when terrorists slammed an american airlines flight into the pentagon. forgotten. "it's a place you can go, get inside, and get lost in your own thoughts." jim laychak lost his brother dave in the building. he showed me around the memorial dedicated to the victims - right in the shadow of the impact site. "his bench and this age line is pretty much right where the flight path of the plane came." at first, you see the obvious - 184 benches - each engraved with a victim's name.
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building represent the victims on the airplane. the ones pointed away are for those who died in the pentagon. they're organized in order of birth year. the oldest victim - a 71-year-old retired navy captain. the youngest - a three year old girl. communities across the country were impacted by this attack - including our own. craig amundson grew up in cedar rapids and graduated from anamosa high school. and karen kincaid was a native of waverly. about 500,000 people visit the memoria who weren't even born at the time. "five children died in the attack. two little girls who were traveling with their mother and father to australia. and three kids from dc elementary schools who were traveling with their teachers with national geographic. those kids were fifth and sixth graders. so it's interesting to see kids who are fifth and sixth graders gravitate toward those benches." but jim says there are more stories to tell, so he's helping to develop a plan for a new visitor education center, which
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visitors. "they honor my brother, they honor the families, they honor their memory by taking time to come here, spend some time here, and remember what happened on that day. at the pentagon, i'm ted fioraliso kcrg-tv9 news. laychak hopes to raise six to seven million dollars for the visitor center. for more information on the planes and how you can donate, go to this story on kcrg dot com. businesses and other partners have formed the foundation for the city's future. that's the message the mayor of dubuque will deliver tonight in his state of the city address. mayor roy buol's theme for his speech is dubuque 2016 - an enterprising city. the speech is set for 7 tonight at the city council chambers on 6th street. we'll share more of buol's message tonight at 10. we'll be
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officials and historic preservationi sts shut down this historic stone bridge in jones county today as they decide its fate. ely's stone bridge is one of only 10 stone bridges still in use in iowa, and it's the only one like it in the state. but the 123-year-old structure is deteriorating, and now there's a tricky question. or should it replace the bridge with something new? and that study won't cost county taxpayers a cent. ely's stone bridge is on stone bridge road, just south of timber road. it goes over deer creek a few miles northwest of monticello. beth, the answer is it's a project involving researchers and students all the way from the university of colorado at denver. and they're doing it, for free,
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use the information to make some tough choices. there's a reason civil and structural engineers and students located 800 or 900 miles away came to this historic and remote stone bridge to study its condition. it's a family connection. professor kevin rens and his wife amy are from iowa and studied engineering at iowa state. amy rens was back recently for a visit and to hear about the problems with this historic bridge. sot "it has cultural the people who live here kids who come and hang out, the wedding pictures and photos that get taken here so it has significance for the community." rens engineering department at the university of colorado campus in denver budgeted about 30-thousand dollars to bring 14 people to rural jones county to measure and study this bridge. but the results of their professional study, which might cost a couple of hundred thousand dollars if you paid for
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look at some of the potential ways to preserve this unique bridge. now here's a look at some of what you'll see at 5:30 on
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who's kept many people from jumping to their deaths off the san francisco bridge, speaks in iowa city about suicide prevention. and hear about efforts to preserve a historic stone bridge that's crumbling near
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unity point finley in dubuque is offering new help for people dealing with a mental health crisis. the hospital now has rooms designed to help those dealing with mental problems in their newly opened emergency department. authorities in texas say a 14 year old girl is dead after she shot a classmate, then turned the gun on herself. it happened this morning at a high school in alpine, texas. the victim is expected to
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called in some members of the national guard to provide security at traffic checkpoints neabakken oil pipeline protests. it comes as the iowa city based new pioneer co-op is helping the protestors. the co-op has sent them cooking supplies and food. let's go back to joe now for a final look at tonight's forecast. after a break from the rain, showers and storms make a next area of low pressure and associated frontal systems traverse the state friday. ample moisture is available and as a result rainfall develops, with locally heavy totals possible. lingering showers will be around for the friday night light kickoff on friday night, but just in time for college football on saturday the weather improves. a fall weekend is instore, with highs in the 70s and lowers in the 50s. have a super night! tonight: increasing clouds. wind: light e. low: 62 tomorrow: showers and thunderstorms likely. locally heavy rain possible.
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kcrg-tv9 news at 5. now we go to new york for abc's world news with tonight, breaking news. the fallout. donald trump under fire after saying american generals have been reduced to rubble. and trump talking about what's supposed to be his top secret security briefings. hillary clinton taking heat, saying no more ground troops in iraq and syria. but tonight, she is now fund-raising over what her team believes was an unfair forum. the deadly school shooting. a 14-year-old opening fire. the race to get students out, just days into the new school year. the warning tonight. the battery in a new smartphone igniting. the entire suv up in flames. the stunning escape. this murder suspect breaking free from inside this interrogation room. and you'll see it. and america strong tonight. the football players and the cheerleader who won the game


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